Production friendly to the human health and environment from 1945 to today
aerosol and tin can

Yel Teneke, giving importance to quality and sustaining quality, adopted applying ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in all stages of the production processes as principle. Our company, using the resources efficiently, giving importance to environment and human health, reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction, targets continuous improvement with the quality management systems that it applies.

Our company, sensing the quality as continuous improvement, gives great importance to the R&D studies in order to improve and develop all processes affecting the production quality accordingly. All processes which the products we produce passes from the design process until they got the final shape are continuously controlled by our R&D department.

We care that the raw materials and semi-finished products we use in the products we produce are in the standards of ISO 9000 as required by our quality policy. All raw materials and semi-finished products in the purchasing process which is one of the first stages of the production are subjected to certain tests and the raw materials and semi-finished products passing the test stages are included in the production process. The products which get the final shape are also subjected to various tests such as resistance and impermeability by the employees of R&D department.

Our company which adopted quality as the basic principle in all stages of the production in order to provide services exceeding the expectations of our customers, since the day we were founded to today, applies ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to all production and management systems.

Yel Teneke, with its trained and experienced staff, is a tin can production company, which has proven its quality as well as the trustworthiness with the environmentalist service approach and the innovative techniques it applies.