Production friendly to the human health and environment from 1945 to today
canned tin production

Canned tins became the must packaging option because they are lightproof, not affected by the external odors, resistant against impacts, easily handled and shipped and preserve the product inside them for a long time without losing the characteristics.

Yel Teneke, giving importance to nature and human health, gives importance to canned tin production which takes the raw material from the nature and again cycles in the nature after completing the duty, among the packaging technologies of today.

All processes which the canned tins we produce pass from the design process until getting the final shape are subjected to necessary controls and tests by our R&D employees who are expert in their fields and have experience.

Our company, which adopts quality as the basic principle from the start of the production to the shipment process in order to provide the services exceeding the expectations of the customers since the day it was founded to today, applies ISO 22000 food safety management system in all stages of the production canned tin.

Canned tin dimension

Diameter Minimum Height Maximum Height
Ø 65 55mm 240mm
Ø 73 58mm 240mm
Ø 84 55mm 240mm
Ø 99 55mm 240mm
Ø 153 116mm 242mm