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aerosol cans production

Tin aerosol cans with three parts in different diameters and sizes are produced by passing through necessary pressure and impermeability tests according to the standards of (FEA) the Federation of European Aerosol for the needs of our customers included in sectors such as cosmetics, construction, automotive, pharmaceutics, chemistry, and food.

All processes which the aerosol cans we produce pass from the design process until they get the final shape are subjected to necessary controls and tests by our R&D employees who are expert in their area and have experience.

Aerosol cans dimensions

Capacity 100ml 125ml 150ml 200ml 250ml 275ml 300ml 400ml 500ml 600ml 750ml
Volume 140ml 175ml 210ml 270ml 335ml 400ml 405ml 520ml 650ml 800ml 1000ml
Ø 45 45x96 45x115 45x141 45x178              
Ø 52     52x105 52x132 52x161 52x188 52x195 52x234 52x244    
Ø 57             57x164 57x207 57x234 57x247  
Ø 65         65x99
    65x157 65x195 65x240 65x300