Production friendly to the human health and environment from 1945 to today
tin can production

Yel Teneke is a family company having activities in the tin can areas by combining its know-how and experience from 1945s to today’s technology.

Our Company aims to respond the needs of you, precious customers, in the most suitable way, with the team spirit adapted by all employees, ethical business principles and the quality approach that it improves every day since the first day it was founded.

Tin cans became the must packaging option because they are lightproof, not affected by the external odors, resistant against impacts, easily handled and shipped and preserve the product inside them for a long time without losing the characteristics.

Yel Teneke, giving importance to nature and human health, gives importance to tin can production which takes the raw material from the nature and again cycles in the nature after completing the duty, among the packaging technologies of today.

All processes which the products we produce pass from the design process until taking the final shape are controlled by our R&D department. Our R&D department does continuous improvement studies on the cost and design subjects according to the expectations of the customers.

Our R&D department also applies several tests such as can resistance, impermeability, pressures depending on the type and characteristics of the order that it gets. By this way, it is ensured that you preserve your products safely.

Yel Teneke, serving with the corporate structure, innovative and quality service approach targets to raise its position in the sector and to contribute to the economy of the country with the quality products and correct solutions it offers.

Our company, which adopts quality as the basic principle from the start of the production to the shipment process in order to provide the services exceeding the expectations of the customers since the day it was founded to today, applies ISO 22000 food safety management system in all stages of the production.

Our Vision

Being a pioneer institution in the sector by using the knowledge, experience and technology in the most efficient way, coming from 1945 to today, without sacrificing the quality, making contribution to the future of our country and sector by presenting more progressive technology to the ones set their hearts on this business and to the next generations.

Our Mission

Being a company which is known with its creditability both in the country and in the global market by presenting products and solutions exceeding the expectations without compromising our ethical business principles and business morals by continuing healthy growth and development and which creates value in the country and sector by having an active role in the development of the sector in which we are.

Our Values

HONESTY: We, as Yel Teneke, own the honesty, justice and sincerity values without compromising in our company. Our loyalty approach plays an important role in the entire company.

RELIABILITY: We give only the promises we can keep and see what we promised as our duty. We act according to the laws in all our business relations.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: It has a great importance for us to understand the needs and requests of internal and external customers and to produce solutions compatible for these requests.

TEAM WORK: We ensure the contribution of all of our employees in all stages of our activities, share our knowledge with each other, work with the consciousness of we, not me, and always improve the team spirit.

INNOVATION: We establish a corporate culture based on developing new ideas and participation and present solutions exceeding the expectations for the country.